Guidelines for Using the Discussion Forum


You can participate in the discussion if you sign in with your email address and a password, that you will be able to use afterwards in any general discussion forums. Or you can also sign in with your No Hate Speech Movement account if you have registered before on the Hate Speech Watch.

Automatic pagerefresh

The flow of comments are automatically refreshed in every 10 seconds. The flow of comments is also refreshed with the new comments of others automatically when you post a new comment.

No Hate Rule

Those who enter a discussion forum and leaves comment automatically accept that the discussion forums are open and safe space for all people to participate. Please be mindful of what you comment. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Moderators can delete comments that do not respect the Terms of Use of the No Hate Speech Movement.


There is always one or two moderators in each forum who are introduced at the beginning. Moderators have the right to remove content that goes against the Terms of Use of the site, Moderators keep the focus of the discussion. Moderators may write a summary report of conclusions and important points of the discussion in the No Hate Speech Blog.


Try to write one comment with all your thoughts instead of writing many comments one after the other. This is not a chatroom so make sure that you refelc on the focus cleraly and address other comments that you want to reflect on.

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