International Peace Day
  • International Peace Day is coming up - 21 September 2013 - how will you spend it? I'll be watching the Peace One Days Live Global Moment stuff online :)
  • Haven't thought about it much yet
  • You should Ian :) The European Action Day is coming up and we're working with Peace One Day ( Very exciting stuff!
  • Who is everyone making peace with? #nohatespeech Is everyone enjoying today?!
  • I am making peace with the world today. I am posting on Facebook to spread the message all day. SPEAK PEACE NOT HATE!
  • Woho! Keep the Peace Messages coming!
  • Happy peace day... i'll make small baby steps to make peace with two special people today.... for the giant steps have proved to be complicated and scary. And u need the other to want to make peace with you too ... sometimes.then i'll watch Darek in Peace One Day debate and try to support a bit the European action day online...
    And obviously celebrate the day with muffins, thermal baths ...
  • Ha, that's great Ruxa. You can tune into our role in Peace One Day here >> at 13.49! We're very excited about this. Now, where are MY muffins and such...
  • Hey everyone..I am interested to know today how institution will lead the International Peace Day..will they raise awarness?will they speak about it or silent only? Let's share ;)
  • Is not easy to speak about peace when you witness what is happening nowadays, when there are (still) wars near to us, when our own countries are not able yet to take decisions not related with economical, political or territorial interest, when human beings and human rights have become the last important issues...
    On this International Day of Peace I will start for my own, to look for my inner peace and share smiles with my people around. At the same time, I will try to raise awareness about international conflicts but also about what #hatespeech is and what represents. I consider that the first step to make peace is loving the others so, #hatespeech does not fit on it! I will invite people to report online #hatespeech cases and take part in the #nohatespeech movement!!
    Make love, not war!! Make peace, not hate!
  • I went through the reports on Hate Speech Watch. There is still none relating to conflicted areas. Can you find some of this kind?
  • We can find it in Europe. Cyprus, Kosovo. North Caucasus. Georgia. Ingushetia....and the list can go on with tensions and conflicts of political interest.
  • I had a really nice PEACE day, i was in Berlin on a football vs. racism topic conference. I met the PACE Flag so long time ago, when the Italians were protesting against joining the Iraqi mission. Since that i have a peace flag, and i have it in my rooms, flats and camps where ever i go
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