Test Discussion for Local Dem Week
  • Rafaela, that's actually a very good point to consider - the fact that we are unaware how many people are in the discussion. Perhaps that could be a feature to add in the future? It would also contribute to a feeling of a bigger community.

    Also, Steven's idea about suggesting to share it real-time sounds very promising, perhaps that could be included in the intro paragraph as well. Or does it automatically pop-up during the discussion? (so far, nothing has appeared in my window, tho)
  • hey, I got relocated! :)
  • I corrected Balint's comment. Can you see?
  • Balint there is auto correct of Words :))) and also one more thing if you make discussion bookmarked there will appear small boxes on the left side with the text that someone commented and it is like push to refresh the page :)
  • I think the priority is the automatic feed..the video size is secondary..in my opinion at least!
  • Ok. for the video size. We keep it this way?
  • I can edit and delete all comments!
  • Editing: I can only edit my own posts.

    Video: After talking to Raf I've been persuaded that the video size isn't a problem, so I retract my earlier statement. Sorry to confuse, Laszlo!

    Rules: I think something general like "We remind people that this is an open and safe space for all people to participate so please be mindful of what you say. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.'' ?
  • i have auto correct, but if somebody writes in bad english thats uncool. I cannot edit comments, and i am right now not a moderator, ans i dont see the bookmark button
  • i found the bookmark button:)
  • Ok folks. We keep the video size for the time being. I write about the auto feed refresh only, but with high priority.
  • Wow, I actually disagree with something on here at last! (it usually doesn't take me so long :p ) I like that people can view the discussion anonymously. I know what you mean though, it would be great if we could get 20+ people in a debate but I like that people can come and just observe.
  • Good sentence Steven. And we can add that the moderators keep their right to remove or comment inside a comment.
  • Hello, Balint! :)

    By the way, I cannot edit or delete comments.
    Gubaz, bookmarking is a good idea - I haven't thought about it, which makes me guess that some people joining won't be aware of this either.

    There was also nice idea to have sort of 'Discussion rules' (e.g. no hateful comments, etc.) posted somewhere, maybe we could include this Bookmark suggestion there too and make it accessible via external link? (not to make the first paragraph too long)

  • Balint there is written start a new discussion on the red box (it is like button right and up ) and on the left side of this red button is small star and you have to click on it if you want to bookmark it
  • Yep, I agree Neringa. If the 'share this' suggestion to people was included in the Intro, this would make sense.
  • I don't think you should know the usernames of people in the discussion..maybe a number would be good though to have an idea..it is a different approach sometimes if you are discussing with 2-3 people and with 20-30...
  • Laszlo, yes, I see your edits of Balint's post. How rude ;)
  • I think those who are moderators can adit or delet comments. I means that Neringa and Steven are not upgraded to moderators yet. I will do it asap.
  • Steven, I agree, it's completely fine that anonymous users are welcome. Yet it would be still interesting to know for example how many unknown guests we have :) I don't think that would make them self-conscious about the privacy in this instance.
  • by the way if we can tweet and share anybodies post it will be very open
  • Laszlo I am not upgraded too as moderator
  • Well yes. But this is not a chatroom so I am not sure if they can add such a function.
  • Or maybe if the sign up here is a separate sign in than the sign into the Hate Speech Watch...
  • Suggestions to Latte: 1) Automatic feed of comments (high priority) 2) capacity to change profile picture 3)number of people in the discussion (??)
  • Woop for Gubaz! Nice one finding the autocorrect and that bookmarking tool! That helps alot.

    Is it too much to include this in the Intro too? Would it put people off, all this technical stuff?
  • I upgrade all of you now. A minute and I am back.
  • Ah, yes, that's right! Yet for that temporary moment when the forum becomes interactive discussion, the line could be very blurry.
  • Well done Gubaz, I would never have seen it but it is a very important feature if we don't manage to have the automatic feed! :)) By the way, nice talking to you all! It is quite simple and easy the forum really x
  • Maybe for the 'technical stuff' we could create an extra doc and then provide a link to it in the Introduction paragraph?
  • Thanks Laszlo for when you update me.
  • The bookmark works well. We can also put it into the intro. To sign in and to click on the star. Gubaz and Steven are upgraded now.
  • True Neringa, I hadn't thought of that. Yes, I would like to see a 'total number' of people present, even though people could remain anonymous.
  • We can also make a separet doc but I think it is better to have it visible here. I would even ask latte to write such a short Terms of Use of the forum on the main page of the forum where all the titles can be seesn
  • oooooh one more thing if you bookmark discussion you will receive lot of mails :((( what we can do if someone doesn't want to receive mails?
  • I have received 51 Mails after bookmarking discussion
  • Balint, do you mean that you would like to be able to tweet or share people's individual posts?
  • That's a good idea to have it on the forum page too! The more people see it, the better.

    Also, I somehow can only edit my own comments.
  • So we have one disclaimer with the main rules. And some guidlines for the facilitation of the communication here. I can draft the short terms of use. Can one of you write up the guidlines for our own use?
  • haha, Gubaz, indeed! I did too

    It probably works great in the usual forums, but if we want to have a live discussion that could be slightly annoying for the users.
  • I think the Terms of Use is a good idea.. People might not bother to check another link..Also, true what Gubaz said about the emails...Does anyone know what the number underneath our usernames is??
  • Hahahahaha @ 51 emails :p Lucky for me I don't use my gmail account.
  • Neringa. I upgraded you too now.
  • i am not yet updated, i was looking before for a terms of use i thought we already have one:)
  • I am not upgraded too :(( 62 mails :D
  • The number is IP address I guess! i have the same with Steven!
  • Yes the email notification is too much for the forum, but since it is not a chatroom and now we use it as a chatroom. I do not know....
  • Steven you are upgraded maybe it will only work if you quit and come back only
  • I do not have any number under my user name. Where is that? :(
  • People who are 'upgraded' will see people's IP Addresses under their names when they post. Is this necessary? I don't know how people feel about privacy. I personally don't need to know someone's IP Address. I guess if the forum makes an automatic note of it anyway in case of abuse etc. that's enough.

    ^This would be a minor comment to Latte?
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