Victims of Hate Crime
  • Discussion about how hate speech can result into hate crime - examples, recent cases and possibilities of action.
  • Several incidents can be traced online about LGBT people being attacked, aggressed, tortured and killed. Hate speech is spreading these motives and the responsibility of the media is immense.
  • I think it's very important to raise awareness of hate speech to combat hate crime. In my opinion if we don't challenge hate speech and hatred against individuals violence and aggression will prevail.
  • As my colleague Aileen says, to raise awareness about what is hate speech is fundamental to stop the worst consequences of it: hate crimes. I suppose in every country happens the same: quite often hate speech is normalised by society (I mean, does not bother people because no one thinks about the consequences) and, after all, is used to justify hate attacks, even hate crimes. And Internet has become a good platform to spread hate messages.

    As a example, I would like to mention what happen recently in my country, Spain. I suppose most of you have listen about the nationalist issue happening now in Catalonia. Last week, it was the commemoration of "Catalonia Diada" and lots of peaceful actions happened around the province as a way to ask for the independence. But at the same time, there were groups of people against it, specially right-wing groups who declared in public their hate against Catalonian nationalists.
    There was a public political speech at one governmental Catalonian office in Madrid. Suddenly, a group of men enter aggressively at that place shouting things like "Don't lie us, Catalonia is Spain" and showing flags with franquist and ultra right symbols. They through the Catalonian flag to the floor and had some kind of aggression to Catalonian politicians there and of course, insults.
    So, here you can see how the discourses of right wing politicians promoting hate against catalonians has provoke hate attacks in such a day, in public and without being afraid about the consequences.

    What to do when attacks like that and people who did it have total impunity?
    It was a hate attack and who knows, it could easily provoke a crime motivated by this hate.
  • Recently Three New Jersey men have been arrested for their involvement in the shooting of an Indian American. Forty year-old Surinder Singh was shot in the upper chest in the fatal attack that occurred on August 25th. The report appeared in
  • I have also been bullied, because of my Asperger's disorder. I was tricked sometimes, but there are fellow Aspies that have had urine and fecal matter dumped on them, while they were doing an "ALS" ice bucket challenge. Another example is when two girls tricked a kid with Asperger's to perform sexual acts, while filming him to put on Instagram. They even threatened him with a knife. We need the world to know that we're human beings too, and we can speak.
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