• Where Islamophobia spreads, freedom dies. This is a discussion forum about theis hate speech report:

    What do you think about this content? Why is it dangerous? What consequences it may have? What actions can be done?
  • A number of activists have started an event on Facebook to try and get the Islamaphobic hate page 'Britain First' closed down. So far over 700 people have signed on to collectively report the Britain First page for Hate Speech to Facebook. They have also scored a major victory by managing to get the Britain First London HQ hosts to end their business relationship with them (Britain First are now using a PO Box in Kent). If anyone is interested in joining the event the link is here:
  • We need to get this discussion going again. Islamophobia is a growing problem, especially after the Charlie Hebdo attack. What's worse is that the people behind the islamophobian content hide behind "free speech", and seemingly get away with it.
  • I also think we could get this discussion going on, here I leave the report (English and French versions) of islamophobic hate crimes /aggressions in France in the year 2015:

    Please note:

    - 18,5% increase over the year 2014
    - 74% of the victims of these actions are women.
    - 67%of these actions took place in public institutions.
    - for the first time, physical aggressions were more than the verbal aggressions.

    And so on..


    Hello people,

    there is a petition based in Canada to establish a law against islamophobia after recent events and aggressions going on. This will give a lot of seriousness to the issue and help reduce discrimination of all sorts. Please sign and share, no need to be living in Canada to sign the petition.

    Please take 30 seconds to complete
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