Protecting Others from Hate Speech and Radical Ideas
  • It looks as if I'm going to be a father! Naturally, I can't wait to see and love my little bundle of Joy. However, as I think more about this world we live in, I grow increasingly uneasy. What if my child is exposed to someone with a hateful mindset and is deeply affected by it? What can I do as a father to keep my child safe from harmful thoughts and ideas? My girlfriend believes that we should raise our child to recognize other, more hateful ideas, but as a warning and to still let them be exposed to their bigoted ways in some form. She says it's a way to help our child "cope with other people's opinions and beliefs." I believe that it is my duty to shield my child from any danger. Children are very easily persuaded and I do not want a malicious force of any kind to come into contact with my child. Is there any way to prevent these hateful thoughts from corrupting my innocent child's mind? I will not allow another generation to see what I have had to see, even if that means I must lie or censor the existence of the terrible thoughts that flow freely around the U.K.
  • Don't be a mother goose father. If you raise your child in a bubble, they will be utterly unprepared for the outside world when they emerge, and thus be unprepared for the rhetoric and arguments of e.g. Neonazis. Indeed, they'll be a mental child, if a physical near-adult.

    You can't 'censor the existence' of opinions you don't like to your child, and doing so will probably only make them more likely to gravitate towards those opinions as a teen as a way to rebel against your psychological despotism. If you want to 'keep your child pure from corrupting influences', you may as well lock them in an airtight tower till they're 18.

    You can't stop them from learning about the world. The best you can hope for is to instill a rational, more-or-less objective mindset in them and hope they come to the same conclusions you did.
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