The psychological and physical effects of Hate Crime
  • For over ten years now I have had to endure very serious gay hate crime in the UK in the area where I live because of gay hate crime.

    To date there have been twenty two separate attacks, seventeen vehicles destroyed or seriously damaged. Hate letters. Harassment, and physical verbal abuse.

    At first although it was severe, I thought I could cope. it was only a car which was destroyed. . But then another, and another. followed by an arson attack. From then on In slept with the lights on all night. Each time I would report the matter to the police but they never seemed that interested and just gave another crime number and for the following nine years to the present date I have seen my home and my property destroyed on a regular basis.

    What I didn’t realise was how I *personally* had changed because of these attacks, until one day when friends drove me home I found the closer to the house I got, the more terrified I became until I was overwhelmed with vomiting and terror. I really couldn't face going home any more. Sleep was already impossible because of the nightmares, but now I just needed to get away. Anywhere. Some nights I wouldn’t even go home. I would park up somewhere until daybreak so that I didn’t have to endure another night of fear. That was until last year when another car was destroyed. This time it wasn’t filled with buckets of excrement. This time it was a gallon of paint stripper end to end, all tyres slashed.

    I have started this thread as a newbie on here to ask of others who have experience such hate crimes, how is it possible now to get over the constant fear that it will happen again.

    Is it possible to ever forget what has gone before and move on? I’m really at a loss and it is so difficult to talk about because those who have not experienced this cannot understand how one's confidence is eroded little by little.

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