report "Samenvatting Over Racisme"2014 (English-Duth) by IFUD of Human Rights
  • Hate Speech (report about the investigation by IFUD of Human Rights.The report contents letters from European Commission DG Justice,European Union and more.
    Also contents reports from other organizations.The Link to the report:

    [In the Netherlands ministers on the internet as Hitler and swastika's.In the EU, mr. Barroso, and van Rompuy on the internet (Swastika's etc).In the EU T-shirts sold on the Internet (EU-flag and in the middle a swastika).Wilders from the Netherlands in Nazi outfit.(I have write many organizations) also Yad Vashem direction in Israel.All you will find in the report up to 2000 pages.
  • SOMMATIE STAAT DER NEDELANDEN,(minister van algemene zaken),datum 28 april 2014,via de landsadvocaat te Den Haag,Nederland.(taal nederlands),betreft valsheidsprocedure notariele akte,inzake haatzaaien via internet.(pdf-bestand),link:
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