Human Rights Online - How to ensure Human Rights Online?
  • What can you do to ensure Human Rights online? What can you do if somebody violates Human Rights online? How can you argue against hate speech online? What is the contradiction between Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech? Or if you have any other question in relation to hate speech you can join this Forum and ask the Activists of the No Hate Speech Movement on the 10th December all day long.
  • The discussion focuses on how Human Rights are respected in the online space.
    Do we all have the same responsibilities in the online space, as well like the offline?
    Do you know any mechanisms or tools for the protection of Human Rights online, and how do we ensure HR Online?

    Human Rights violations occur in every second online chartroom, in forums, in online games, on information portals and on different social media. Can we do something about that?

  • Internet censorship as a violation of Human Rights;

    Is there a need of some censorship on the internet?

    While filtering and other means of restriction affect the ability to access content, access to the physical and technical infrastructure required to connect to the internet can also be used by governments as a means of restricting the free flow of information and limiting individuals’ ability to associate and organise. While in many cases, low internet penetration is a sign of economic or infrastructural challenges, it can also be an intentional strategy by governments attempting to restrict citizens from accessing information or developing civil society. Though this strategy is best exemplified by Cuba and North Korea—where the majority of citizens are barred entirely from accessing the internet—dozens of countries with the capability to do so have slowed or stifled the infrastructural development necessary to expand access.
  • How should we deal with cross-borders Human Rights violations Online and hate speech?

    Example video "The Innocence of Muslims" - A video made by a guy in the US, circulating on global platforms incorporated in the US triggering riots in countries around the world. National jurisdictions arguing that the video should be removed... Without the possibility to enforce it. so the ultimate measure is blocking the entire platform (youtube)

    how do we deal with sort of legal conflict?

    do we create a universal code of conduct that all countries should agree upon, like the declaration of human rights?

    do we create "national bubbles" each country enforcing its own laws concerning the internet?

    or are both these solutions insufficient and we need a new way to think about diplomacy?
  • It´s a serious problem that must be solved, but my question are:
    where can we act?
    wich are the laws wich protects the HR,
    There are many controversial videos and speeches who atempts against the HR. But where to sue it? Which official Organisation in the whole world can prevent this or put an End to this matters? As you asked, and I agree with you should be an International code of conduct regulating this. Untill now only the Council of Europe is doing something, but aparently not enough.
    From my particular point of view we should star prepairing the youth on peace education system, acceptance and respect. But for that we need no meddling of governments. The educational system on every country is demostrated that is failing. So my proposal is to teach in another way like non formal education. That´s the future.
  • Should we put a limitation on what sites say? Here in America, there are blacks that are being shot for no reason by cops, as we speak. There are also people with Asperger's (a high form of Autism Spectrum Disorder) that are trolled by neo-Nazi stooges.
    I got a message from the National Socialist Movement, saying that because I have Asperger's, I am a violent retard. I would never touch anything the wrong way. There is also this site on WordPress that says people like me are stupid retards. I take that to be very offensive. I'm a human being, not a burden.
    America is not as good as blocking hate as Europe is. We should do better at stopping hate and intolerance by taking down hateful sites.
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